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G-Lamp Multi-Functional Wireless Charger

G-Lamp Multi-Functional Wireless Charger


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Introducing the MultiFunctional Smart Charge Desk Lamp - The ultimate charging solution for the modern lifestyle.

With its inbuilt RGB lights and Bluetooth speakers, this charger combines convenience, style, and entertainment like never before.

  • Wireless Charging: Tired of tangled cords? Our Smart Wireless Charger allows you to charge your compatible devices simply by placing them on the charging pad. No more hassle with cables and connectors.

  • Inbuilt RGB Lights: Create a captivating ambiance with the inbuilt RGB lights. Choose from a spectrum of vibrant colors or set it to auto mode for a mesmerizing light show.

  • High-Quality Bluetooth Speakers: Enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks while charging your device. The integrated Bluetooth speakers deliver rich, immersive sound.

  • Intelligent Safety Features: We prioritize your safety. Our charger is equipped with advanced safety features like temperature control, overcharge protection


  • Material: ABS PC
  • Input voltage: 12V/2.5A2.
  • Wireless charger output: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W
  • Bluetooth audio power: 3W
  • LED output: 10W
  • Button battery capacity: 40mAh
  • Net weight: 466g
  • Product size: 225*82*230mm
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